About us

360 Naukri is one of the most innovative and leading job and employment portal in India. Our team is
dedicated to providing information about the latest trends, salaries and relevant content about jobs
offered by various companies, government departments, and PSUs across the country.

We understand that it is challenging to find one useful and lucrative job among the thousands of low
paying and irrelevant jobs. This is why our team manually search, filter and posts those jobs only which
are beneficial for a particular job seeker. All our jobs and information are well researched and updated
regularly. With each of the jobs mentioned in our website, we also post the required educational
qualification and skillset which are mandatory for the particular job. This saves a lot of time for the job
seeker and makes it easy for them to find their dream job.

We have focused on making the process of job hunting and finding relevant information in the form of
posts and updates trouble-free for our audience. For further ease, we have arranged the jobs
categorically, for example, all the government jobs are bundled together, and private jobs are bundled
separately. It helps in keeping the website in order which allows the user to find relevant information

There is also an option of subscribing to our website. After enabling this, you would get a
recommendation of latest jobs directly to your mailbox which will keep you updated about the latest
opportunities available.

360 Naukri is the best place to start your journey towards getting you a private or government job which
will change your present as well as future. We work closely in providing the best opportunity for talents
and bringing job seekers and employers under one roof.

You can contact us for any queries regarding jobs, salaries, advertisements, endorsements, company
information, and business opportunities with 360 Naukri.

The 360 Naukri Team

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